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6 MERMAID SPLASH Bubble Bath Fizzy Gift Set Glitter Surprise 6 XL USA Made, Perfect Bubble Bath, Handmade Handmade Birthday Gift idea for Girls, Spa Parties, women, girlfriend

MERMAID SPLASH WITH GLITTER SURPRISE – A Girl’s Spa Gift Set with bubble bath bombs. They will wonder what the surprises are as they open the satin gift pouches containing lip gloss, glitter gel, whipped soap sugar scrub, and more…We can’t tell you everything or it won’t be a surprise…but we know she will love! 6 XL HUGE 5 oz Bubbler Bath Fizzies in Girly scents including Mermaid Kisses, Wishes, Hugs, Cotton Candy, Berry, and other scents. MADE WITH NATURAL AND ORGANIC INGREDIENTS – Our Bubbler fizzies will leave her skin feeling hydrated and moisturized. All ingredients are KID SAFE, Some toys “surprises” not intended for Children under 3.

Product Features

  • MERMAID SPLASH WITH GLITTER SURPRISE – A Girl’s Spa Gift Set with bubble bath bombs, surprises including lip gloss, glitter gel, whipped soap sugar scrub, and more…We can’t tell you everything or it won’t be a surprise.
  • GIRLS WILL LOVE the Bubblers we created in this gift set, 6 XL SUPER FUN, Bath Bomb Bubblers, 5 oz each, size of a tennis ball, made especially for girls, great for Spa Parties.
  • HANDMADE IN THE USA by Spa Girl WITH LOVE. This GIFT SET contains 6 awesome scents including Mermaid Kisses, Mermaid Wishes, Mermaid Hugs, Mermaid Cotton Candy, Mermaid Berry, Mermaid Tangerine
  • MADE WITH NATURAL AND ORGANIC INGREDIENTS – Our Bubbler fizzies will leave her skin feeling hydrated and moisturized. All ingredients are KID SAFE, Some toys “surprises” not intended for Children under 3.
  • 99-100% NATURAL BUBBLER BATH BOMBS THAT WON’T STAIN YOUR TUB, FUN for any age Mermaid, Money Back Guarantee

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28 Pieces Superhero Masks for Children – Perfect Costume Accessories for Cosplay, Halloween, Birthdays, Children Parties – Movie Comic Mask for Kids Aged 3+

When it comes to our customers’ satisfaction, we have one rule: settle for nothing but the best. That’s why we work only with premium quality products and manufacturers that are guaranteed to deliver to our high expectations.

Why should you order this product?

Because you want your kids to feel happy and free enjoying the most wonderful time of their life, and because you remember how your childhood superheroes influenced you. And the most important thing: let your child grow with his favorite superheroes and give him a hand in fighting the bad guys with this great set of masks.

This amazing superhero set of masks for kids brings to life a different world; one which is full of games, fun, joy and happiness. Your children will experience a magnificent party with lots of superheroes who can’t wait to fight for a good cause. So don’t wait up and buy these great items which your kid deserves.

Some of the great features of this product:

  • Non-toxic, environmental material
  • Safe and colorful
  • Pack of 28
  • Stylish design


ADD TO CART NOW and you’ll fall in love instantly with this amazing Superhero set of masks!

Product Features

  • THE SOLUTION IS HERE: If you or your little one is dreaming of a superhero themed party then this product is the best choice you can make. This package of masks will definitely improve your little one’s perspective on having the perfect dress-up theme party or birthday party. Don’t hesitate to bring to life your children’s cartoon or movie heroes with these wonderful superhero masks.
  • HIGH QUALITY: The products we are offering are made of high quality material. The heroes’ masks are elastic stitched and the sizes are appropriate for children of different ages. This superhero package of masks is made with a safe, non-toxic environmental material which won’t do any harm to your kids. We can assure you that your little one will be safe playing with his best friends and having lots of fun.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: This set of masks includes 28 pieces which can be used not only for dress up theme parties or birthday parties but also at kindergarten or at school when kids have to present and to speak about their role models or their favorite cartoon or movie stars. If you want your child to have the perfect disguise then pick this beautiful set of masks.
  • COLORFUL: These lovely masks are perfect for your child. Their lively colors make them feel like real superheroes sent to Earth in order to defend people and fight against the bad guys. No wonder your little one will act like a powerful and courageous hero. The variety of strong, shiny colors such as: pink, blue, red, green, black, yellow and purple attracts children like a magnet.
  • STYLISH DESIGN: The design of these superhero masks is especially made for your little ones to enjoy the special moments of their childhood. Whether you are making your little ones or your own superhero dreams come true one fact remains: everyone will be satisfied.

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Fun Hats Neon Plastic Gangster Party Hats-24Pcs for Kids and Adults Glow Party Supplies,Photo Booths,Birthday Party Favors,Themed Parties


  • While appears that this colorful hat set is just for wear and play, much more occurs during the playtime experience.
  • In role-play, imitation and dress-up games kids learn information and skills through experience.
  • Whether your kid is a cowboy, a runway model, a detective or a treasure hunter, your kid’s brain will kick into high gear the instant they begin playing.
  • It is a great way to enhance and let your kids’ imagination run free.
  • For example, through imitation children can explore the lives of other people by mimicking their actions, speech and appearance.
  • Indeed, this hat set mix inspires creative thinking through imaginative play.


  • Due to the style and colors of this hat set, there is no right way or occasion to wear them.
  • For example, for birthday theme parties you can hand them out to all the kids, you can use them for different Halloween costumes, as part of a costume for a school play, and practically any other occasion that calls for wearing a cool hat.
  • Moreover, kids can even wear it on a sunny day to prevent excessive sun exposure.

Excellent Gift:

  • If your kid simply loves hats or wants to use it for dress up-games and role-play games during playtime, then they will love this colorful set.
  • The hats are gender-neutral and can be given as a gift for any event and celebration.
  • Not only is it an ideal for kids, but you can even buy it for yourself if you host an event in which you would like guests to wear hats.
  • Furthermore, because there are 24 hats in the set, it encourages socialization.
  • With so many hats and colors choose from, you can share or give away hats to your friends and family.
  • They will then join the fun and join you in your adventure and event.
  • Undoubtedly, with just this set of hat you and your loved ones have different options to choose

Product Features

  • Includes: 6 pink, 6 orange, 6 yellow and 6 green
  • Trendy and Comfortable: They are very comfortable to wear since the plastic is thin and smooth to the touch. The top of each hat is in a center dent crown style and has a gently downward sloping brim all around. There is also a black band connecting the upper and lower part of the hat, adding a classic look. Ideal for various occasions.
  • Durable: These hats are of high quality, color will not fade, and will not easily bend.
  • Function: This set is ideal for birthday theme parties, Halloween customs, role play games, dress up and practically cool hats that your kid can wear. These are certainly hats for everyone.
  • Precautions: Made with environmental friendly and safe materials.

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