When do I use it?

1)Your baby can’t fall asleep in time as you wish.

2)Your kids longs for a room of sky stars.

3)You need creating a romantic pattern when dating.

4)You want to warming up the party.

5)Your unique idea, such as the cosplay scene.

How do I use it?

1)Open the switch button.

2)Press button “D” to set running time,and long press can speed up.

3)Button”A” for steady on night light, button “B” for changing colors in 8 styles and button C for rotation.

Anything else?

1)Night light for kids with sturdy hanging strap makes it easier to your fishing,camping or living.

2)2 kinds of power supply way – One is just plug D.C on daily while another is to use 4 alkaline batteries (no battery included) when on trip.

3)Hontry LED night light can provide not only a pleasant and relaxed bedtime experience for kids and babys, but also an totally relaxation and serene environment for adults. We believe that the colorful baby night light would be a great view for everyone. With a noiseless experience from our kids night light, you would be totally at ease bathing in the lights. These are Hontry night lights for kids which a perfect gift you would choose to give.

Product Features

  • Creativity – 4 main lights-warm white, blue, red and green, a rotary button provide beautiful night light picture to your kids and baby! Give your lover a surprise and romantic moment, help your baby fall asleep easily. And the vivid starry sky help to develop your kids talent and creativity.
  • Easy to use – Four buttons only. Aonther worth mentioning is Time control mode (5-999 minutes) to avoid you waking up your sleeping baby when you enter the room to turn the light off.
  • Design – The brightly LED night light is also a great decoration when it is off! A sling is added to this version, the product can be hung anywhere you want. When it’s on the mode of warm light, you can bring it while walking in the garden or during camping. In addition, the new engine assures no noise when the light is on, providing you a quiet space to enjoy your time.
  • Power supply – 4 AAA alkaline batteries or USB cable is for power supply. While you are charging the USB cable, please make sure to remove the batteries.
  • More – How impressive it would be when you bring a colorful starry sky to a birthdays, festivals, family gatherings or any other occasions. Naturally,it’s also wonderful night lights for kids.

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3 comments on “Newest Night Light,Multiple Colors Star Light Rotating Projector with Timer Auto Shut for Kids and Baby Bedroom,Best Night Lights for Kids to stimulate Imagination and Curiosity (Black)”

  1. Really a magical product. This set comes complete with the night light ball, USB power cord and full and complete instructions on how to use the light. It can project into the light itself or also if I take the top off it projects onto the walls and ceilings as well.I plug it into my USB wall adapter and enjoy all of the colors and lights during those evenings when I don’t feel like watching anymore TV for the night. So soothing and comforting that I can fall asleep…

  2. This is awesome. It is so pretty. It has 4 different colors. A blue, red, green and white. You can see the stars so clearly. I think this can be use in infant to an adult’s room, because it is so awesome. You can set in in any room or take it with you on a walk since it has it’s own holder. You can set it to turn of in however long you want, which makes it really nice that you don’t have to get up to turn it off or walk into kids room to turn it off. I really like this It would make a…

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