Looking for a way to spend a day partying and playing
with your friends and children and need something PERFECT AS A BEACH BAG PARTY BAG STUFFER,
look no further than this cool set from the snazzy party-minded team at 4E’s Novelty,
which contains everything you need for a very memorable fun day at the Beach

Product Features

  • ✔️ CREATE A BEACH FUN ATMOSPHERE in your yard or at your party with this super cool mega beach and pool party set which contains 12 NEON PARTY SUNGLASSES, 12 7″ INFLATABLE BEACH BALLS, 12 NEON EASY GRIP WATER SQUIRT 6″ GUNS AND 12 .6 oz NEON BUBBLE BOTTLES WITH WANDS. This set is perfect as a party favor, to prepare small cute party bags for the kids when having a beach party, while playing outdoors in the sun, or when having a pool party. Your children will love it.
  • ✔️ This cool set from the party stuff masters at 4’Es Novelty is compact but packs a huge punch, they are small sized, and you can easily stuff them in party bags or beach sacks, THE CHILDREN WILL JUMP FOR JOY WHEN YOU WILL GIVE OUT THESE PACKS FOR THEM at your next summer party.
  • ✔️ YOUR CHILDREN WILL HAVE A BLAST RUNNING AROUND AND PLAYING AROUND WITH THIS SUPER USEFUL BEACH AND POOL PARTY FAVOR SET. They will play hide and seek and dress up with the sunglasses. They will play robber and cop with the water squirt guns. The inflatable beach balls will help too, and the bubbles will be good for the and of the day to compete which one can make the most perfect and biggest bubbles.
  • ✔️ Make this summer a summer of fun and entertainment and SPEND QUALITY TIME WITH YOUR CHILDREN FROLICKING AROUND ON THE BEACH OR IN THE YARD OR AT YOUR LOCAL PARK. No need to drag along packs of toys. This set from 4E’s Novelty contains all the supplies you need for a day of fun playing with the children. Watch out of the beach balls flying around, or from a surprise shower by the squirt of a water gun.
  • ✔️ Your children will thank you deeply for the fun day you spent with them. Our set is perfect for a party day with the children. YOU ARE ALL SET UP WITH THIS COMPACT SET, SUNGLASSES, BUBBLE BOTTLES, WATER SQUIRT GUNS AND BEACH BALLS. The are perfect to stuff into party bags and beach bags.

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