PERFECT FAMILY GAMES COMBO that will make you laugh until you fart.

Ideal Electronic Hot Potato

Designed for 2-6 players
13 potato chip cards
2 AA batteries

How To Play

1) Squeeze the Hot Potato to start the music and let the fun start.
2) Pass the spud to the next player beside you or across.
3) Toss the tater back and forth, high and low, and around but don’t get caught holding the spud when the music stops or else you have to take a potato chip card.
4) When you get 3 chip cards and you are out. The last player remaining without 3 chip cards is the winner.

Stinky Pig Game

Designed for 2 or more players

How To Play

1) Poke the Stinky Pig’s belly and he’ll starts to sing. Faster roll the die to see which way to pass him before he toots.
2) If you are holding the pig when he lets one rip, you have to take a token.
3) Keep playing until the token pile is gone and the player with the least amount of tokens is the winner.

Product Features

  • BUNDLE OF 2 ITEMS – Ideal Hot Potato Electronic Musical Passing Game and Stinky Pig Game
  • PLAY WITH YOUR CHILDREN – You’ll laugh out very loud and have great time with your kids
  • LOVELY SONG – Enjoy the song of “Pop Goes the Weasel” while playing with the Hot Potato
  • DOUBLE FUN – Let’s these 2 fun games enlighten the whole family
  • FOR AGE – Hot Potato is for 4 years and older and Stinky Pig is for 6 years and above

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